Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't get rid of the HST.

In BC there is a petion to stop the HST. Now I support the HST it will simplify taxes for business and also reduce taxes that can be added on a product to make it way more expensive. This in total reduces prices and saves bussness money that would be spent going to taxes. So actually it eliminate taxes on products. Election BC is now checking the petion to see if it is ligitamite. Now if it is ligitamite the petion will go to the legislation where it could go on a vote in the legalature to either get ride or continue the HST, and it could go straight to the ballot box on a referundum on it. I hope it does not get to that. I say that the HST should stay in BC and Ontario.

organizers say they collected more than 700,000 names by the time the document was handed in.
If Elections BC confirms the petition is valid, a committee of the legislature will decide to either put the issue to a vote in the house or send it to a non-binding plebiscite next year.
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  1. Agreed. After the Federal (feral?) Conservatives destroyed this country's tax base - funds used for (what Conservatives think are) "useless" things like infrastructure, support programs, women's programs, immigration and minority programs, etc., what we need is a way to ensure that we can maintain the standard of living (and services) we're used to.

    It's funny to see how many seniors support the Cons - mainly due to some of the "hot button" issues... They don't realize, that as the boomers retire, THEY are the very people who will need the benefits paid for by all those tax dollars... Shame.

    Taxes are necessary. Western liberal democracies have a standard of living that can almost wholely attributed to the programs and social safety nets created by our taxes. The sooner we get a little "sane" and realize this, the better it bodes for our society.

  2. I am a retired babyboomer and none of those social programs were ever useful, except family allowance. Status of Women should be shut down. The HST is a huge hit, as is our lame carbon tax. I want to keep my own money and not become a ward of the state. Even my glass of wine is up. If I had mt choice, I'd rather not have medicare anyway.

  3. Times have changed, we're emerging from the biggest global economic downturn in 80 years. The two sales tax system using the old PST and GST puts our businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

    Experts agree. Economists, businesses and investors say that the HST is the most important thing we can do to strengthen Ontario's economy. Economist Jack Mintz says that our tax cuts and the HST will bring $47 billion in new investment to Ontario and create 600,000 new jobs. It would also help protect those things – like our schools and hospitals – that make Ontario a better place to live.

    In more than 140 countries and four other provinces, value-added sales tax like the HST is already a fact of life. It is modern, efficient and necessary to compete in today's changing world.

    We have a choice. We can refuse to fix what's broken and resign ourselves to the idea that Ontario would be less competitive. Or we can embrace change and do what it takes to build a stronger Ontario. In Ontario we've made our choice. We're taking a tax system that was made for a bygone era and rebuilding it to help secure Ontario's prosperous future.

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