Saturday, August 21, 2010

The northwest passge to foreign policy.

Centuries ago many people have taken there ship to create a northwest passage to the Beaufort sea. Now many people have tried , and even died trying. A song was even written about the passage. Singing of people wishing to make a northwest passage. Now we have a PM who wants to make sure Canada sovereignty in the north stays, and to tell all the other countries that Canada owns the northwest passage. I am with the PM this one. Harper has the right idea. Canada should not be shy in saying that we own our part of the north therefore we have full rights to our internal waters and it's usage. Now the only thing is would we want to go to war with other countries because of the northwest passage ? No! Canada should take the high road and make sure that when it gives it's report to the UN that it is done properly, and that Canada is given full rights to what Canada owns. I am in full support of increasing the Canadian presence in the north.

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