Friday, August 27, 2010

Gun Registry Works

An RCMP audit has confirmed that the Canadian Firearms Program is working efficiently to save lives. This includes the long gun registry that is slated to be scrapped if a private members' bill passes in September. police chiefs support the long gun registry. Now, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians says that the long gun registry saves lives. However, not needing fact to guide their decision, the Conservatives and some of the NDP will vote to scrap the long gun registry. The registry was costly to set up, but the lives saved from it are worth more than the money spent on it.

In the News
The following arguments were lifted from numerous pro-gun blogs and websites about the long-gun registry and little was changed except weapons were transformed into vehicles, bullets into car keys.
Read more at the Montreal Gazette.
OTTAWA — Emergency-room doctors across Canada, who often treat victims of gunshot wounds, are asking MPs to keep the long-gun registry because they believe it will save lives.
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.
OTTAWA — An internal RCMP audit concludes the Canadian Firearms Program is operating effectively, efficiently and accountably, and the report makes no mention of massive cost overruns and bungling that plagued the contentious federal gun registry before the national police force assumed management of it.
Read more at the National Post.


  1. How does this registry help "save lives" when crimianls who are inclined to commit crimes in the first place will not care one iota about being in viloation of this registry act?

    We can hear all the blather we like about how it is running smoothly and is cost efficient. There have already been security breaches with this registry. There is NO way that the way, WAY overblown initial costs of the registry can EVER be justified. 2 billion dollars buys a lot of MRI machines when there are hospitals that desperatley need them and we KNOW for a FACT that they save lives.

  2. And not just in violation of this act, even IF they were curiously inclined and stupid enough to register the weapons they use to commit violent crimes, but the illegal weapons that were never registered in the first place.


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