Friday, August 13, 2010

A win, win situation.

Quebec will sell hydroelectricity to Vermont. This deal will give Vermont 225 megawatts of energy this will give enough energy for 200,000 homes in Vermont. By 2012 for another 26 years Vermont will have energy that is clean and cheap. Vermont has now proven again that it believes in enviromentally and cheap energy for it's citezens and future citezens. I think that we here in Quebec are lucky to have so much lakes that we can make the new enviromentaly energy of the future. I hope Quebec continues to sell more of it's energy so it can first get more revenue and to get U.S to start moving away from oil and coal enrgy use.

Vermont will purchase 225 megawatts of power starting in November 2012 and ending in 2038 - 225 megawatts of electricity is enough power to maintain about 200,000 homes.
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  1. The key word you use is cheap. Much of the "clean" energy is incredibly expensive and also unreliable.

    200,000 homes is only a tiny portion of the energy the state needs. It is not a bad thing that is going on here but it must be put into proper perspective. It is a drop in the bucket.

  2. The difference between a Liberal and a Conservative in Toronto:

    Amazing, isn't it?


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