Monday, August 09, 2010

Again lies from Harper.

In the fall of last year Ignatieff said he was going to try to bring down the government. Harper said that an Election would hurt the economies recovery. Although many economist say that an election doesn't really hurt a recovery that much. Now Harper said again that the Economy is too fragile for a useless election. The thing is elections actually help the economy. With all the buying of paper for flyer's and posters, renting empty spaces for speeches headquarters and the construction of election headquarters for TV stations. All of those actually help the economy, but to be fair if there was a budget being proposed that failed then there was an election all legislation would be delayed. Now 5 weeks is not that bad , and with all the spending on the election, and after the cleaning of all the areas the economy would be fine waiting 5 weeks. It is not like noting is being done in these 5 weeks a election unlike proroguing Parliament does help the economy.

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