Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Layton to Compromise on Gun Registry

Jack Layton is planning to compromise over the long gun registry. Of course, the only reason this bill is going to pass is because he refuses to whip the vote. Even though it is a private members' bill, it is clearly something all Conservatives support. I would not be surprised if Stephen Harper himself was the mastermind of this plan. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Conservatives would call an election, stating this as one of the reasons. The RCMP and ER doctors say that the registry is instrumental in saving lives. Why won't Layton make sure that it stays alive?
OTTAWA—NDP Leader Jack Layton says he’s not worried about the backlash that may come from his party helping kill the long gun registry.
“You can’t go through life in politics worrying about who is going to blame you for voting one way or another on an issue,” Layton told a news conference Monday.
Instead the party is proposing a last-minute compromise he hopes will save the registry while addressing some of the concerns that gun owners and native groups have.
Read more at the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.


  1. Jack Layton is for the registry he just thinks that it is wrong to whip a vote. Which is correct of him to do. Layton is not the one for scrapping the gun registry it is the 12 MP's in the party of mostly rural areas that are for it. So don't blame Layton for it blame the 12 MP's.

  2. He was willing to whip the vote to support the Cons Omibus "tough on crime" bill ... even punished Bill Siksay for voting against the bill.

    He didn't think it ws wrong back then, now all of a sudden it's "not the NDP way"?

    B.S. He had no intention of supporting the registry, he just wanted to make noises so the urban NDP base thinks he gave a shit.

    More right wing clap trap from the NDP, throwing away progressive principles in the pursuit of votes.


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