Friday, August 06, 2010

Oil spill stoped ,but side effects could last decades.

On day 107 of the oil spill or should I say now capped oil spill the problewm is not intierly over. Even though a big part of the oil was taken out of the ocean the oil is still there. First the Exon Valdez spill (which by the way was the worst oil spill in american history now is second to the BP oil disater). which spilled 11 million barrels, and the BP spill which spilled more than the Exon Valdez spill. The spill from Alaska 20 years ago that spilled 11 million barrels has seen to have still damage to the area, so even though the oil is no longer spilling the current spill could still do damage to the gulf of mexico. The problem is no way far from over. The oil spill will stay with the gulf for decades to come. This enviromental disater could really be avoided if we have inspectors go to the oil rigs to inspect the safety of the oil rig. then make the oil companies pay for it. The company with the best safety will have more oil contracts while the oil comapnies that are deem unsafe will face fines and could lose some drilling sites to other oil capanies.

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