Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How they could be prejudice I don't know.

The ADL (the anti defamation league) is an organization that wants to stop the defamation of people. At Miriam Webster defamation is defined as "the act of defaming another" the definition of defaming "to harm the reputation of by libel or slander". This means that they are against harming reputation by accusation with no bases or fact. So why does the ADL say they disagree with the building of the mosque right next to the ground zero. They say that it would make 9/11 victims feel offended seeing a mosque next to ground zero. That isn't correct at all first if you are comparing an Islamic center for prayer to terrorism that is first a slander saying that all Muslims are for terrorism. Which is what the ADL should be against. The whole argument that it will insult 9/11 victims is so off. 9/11 victims shouldn't feel insulted, because this mosque isn't for terrorism it is an Islam center for prayer. This mosque should be seen as how tolerant we are as a society to allow everyone to have the right to pray wherever they want. This is a shame that a organization like the ADL who is against defamation is actually supporting it.

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