Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madatory Long term census might stay after all.

The FFAC which is an organizationion that I am not very faimilar with, but even though I am not very familiar with them I put my hat off to them for there success in stooping the Conservatives goverment plan to get rid of the madatory long term census.They want to either stop the plan of getting rid of the madatory census or put the questions on language on the short term census. They are going now to federal court in Semptember 27. I hope that they now win there court battle, and we in Canada get to keep our very important information. Statistics Canada even said that the response rate could even get lower 50% considering last time when it was madatory it had a 95% response rate.
The legal challenge comes as newly released documents show Statistics Canada warned the Conservative government that the response rate for a proposed voluntary long-form census would be less than 50 per cent.
The court will hold a hearing on Sept. 27 in Ottawa to hear the request of the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FFAC) for an injunction that would block the government's move to make the long-form census voluntary.


  1. If I only complete half of the questions on the long form, am I counted as completing the census?

  2. @ SkinnyDipper: no, you're counted as only being half a citizen (and half freeloader)


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