Sunday, August 22, 2010

No clear national winner, but someone defenietly won.

The Australian election although showing a hung parliament that will defiantly need support from smaller parties to have a a strong government. The only winner now is the Green Party. Yeah Australia has voted in Green MP to there government, and if things go good with Labor Australia could have a carbon tax. Election still a little close latest results are spread a little all around, but so far Labor has 71 Liberal has 71 Green 1 Independents 3. 4 seats still not yet given . So at the end it could go either way. I hope to see a Labor minority government with the Green party and independents helping. Australia just like the U.K has now a member in parliament that supports environmental policies, because a government with enough Green party seats to make sure that the environment is seen when legislation occurs is the best that can happen. Now if we can only have a green party member in Canada.


  1. One of the reasons Labour were so damaged in the polls was their efforts to bring in 'green' controls. Don't expect them (if they form government) to now go for a carbon tax, they'll be brought down again and next time will not have enough seats to form any sort of government.

  2. Please spell "definitely" properly. It is NOT "defenietly"...


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