Monday, August 02, 2010

A war many wants gone.

The war in Afganistan has become a war that everyone wants gone. Poll after poll show that everyone thinks that the war in Afganistan should end soon. The timeline of leaving in the next summer people agree should happen , and shouldn't be extended. I have stated my opinion on this before we should stay in Afganistan if needed ,but it seems that people just want to end it, and that would probably stop any extension dates in NATO coutries. the prblem is that if we leave Afganistan and it isn't secure enough agaisnt the taliban then we might be pushed back into the war again, so we should stay till the Afganistan army can have the support of all parts of there countries and have a strong hold on there country away from the taliban. If we try to go away from Afganistan not because it is secure and we have done are jobs but for political points then we might go back, and watse more time and money.


  1. You have some curious notions about the Afghan National Army. The ANA simply doesn't work, it never has. Tajik dominated, it is loathed by the Pashtun, Afghanistan's largest tribe and the Taliban's home team. The ANA desertion rates approximate the rate we can train recruits - a zero sum effort. Those who stay, at least according to their Western mentors, are either too incompetent or too stoned to fight most of the time. Many of those who do fight don't even aim their weapons.

    Stay? What in hell for?

  2. I was under the impression that "everyone" equalled 100%, not 40, 50, or even 60 percent.


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