Monday, August 23, 2010

Labor has Won the Election

Some call the election too close, but I say a winner was made that night in Australia. Unlike, many parts of the world Australia has a diffrent system it has a preference system. This is a vote that asks people for their first and second preference. Then when there is someone with over 50% they are elected. Now the two party preferred vote nationaly was Labor 50.7% win against 49.3% National/Liberal. I say since the vote shows more people want Labor to win instead of the National/Liberal Labour should win. With the election so close I say the green party and Independents should talk with Labor. Now why Labor? Well just like Nick Clegg in the U.K he said he would talk to the winner of the election which was the Conservatives. I agree with this because if someone has won the vote to govern then there party I think ethically go to compermize with the winner, but this isn't compolsurary and if the independents and Green can't make a compremize then they should by all means look at the National/Liberal.  I do hope Labor has talks and negotioations with the Green Party and the Independents and can form a goverment with Labor.


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