Monday, August 16, 2010

"Obama worst president ever" Ben Quayle

Ben Quayle a candidate for a republican primary for a district in Arizona. Now if his last name sounds familiar it might be because his dad Dan Quayle was the vice president of the U.s for four years during the George H.W presidency. Now he has an TV ad in which he calls plain out that Obama is the worst president ever. Now I understands people maybe saying Obama a bad president , but the worst president in history is a bit too much. Now he has legitimate concerns like "weakening economy". these might be a concern , but that doesn't make Obama the worst president in the world . This is Also considering that Bush who was in charge for 8 years was the one who placed the recession on the economy. Now to be fair there are some people who think that Obama was the worst president, but really can you judge a not even half done 1st term presidency as the worst entire presidency in history. I think not.

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