Friday, August 13, 2010

6 out 50 is a good start.

The judge that found proposition 8 unconstitutional has now allowed all same sex couples the right to marry in California. The stay was placed after the first ruling saying although Prop 8 is unconstitutional gay couples can't marry till all appeals are over. Now the judge uplifted the stay on gay marriage. Now California rejoins that states that allow gay marriage. This puts the total to 6 states that allow same sex marriage (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa and California) , but also the District of Columbia now allows marriage. The thing is that if like last time between 2006 and 2008 then Prop 8 passed, so a question went to the supreme court of California whether the marriages that happened in those two years where still valid ? The good news is that the supreme court of California found it valid. That means even if an appeal wins in the supreme court the marriages that happens in between the appeal winning and August 18 will still be considered valid, but I do hope that the appeal doesn't win.

A federal judge ruled on Thursday to allow same-sex couples to marry in California, starting on August 18
Same-sex marriage is legal in five U.S. states and in the District of Columbia

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