Saturday, August 14, 2010

Should stimulus end.

Flaherty said that Canda economy is strong that it will not need more stimulus, because the Candaian economy is doing very well that it can do fine now without the federal stimulus. The dead line of the stimulus spending is March 31st. Now it is true that Canada's economy is doing very well, and will not need more stimulus only if there isn't a double dip rescession. If the U.S confidence gets any lower and markets tumbles then Canada will of course suffer. I think we should be fair allow the stimulus to move forward till March, and if Canada's economy is sliping down then we should continue stimulus spending. The thing is that we may not need stimulus if we keep are expected job growth, so I say if there is a double dip rescession yes keep spending If we are doing fine, and economist say there is no need for more stimulus I say stop and move forward to deficit reduction.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Canada's economic growth is "substantial" and unlikely to require more government stimulus to sustain what is becoming an increasingly fragile recovery.
A severe U.S. slowdown would be felt in Canada, says BMO economist Douglas Porter, and may necessitate Ottawa and some provinces extending their stimulus spending beyond their current sunset dates.
 The slowdown has been so severe that Canada may no longer be in a position to boast the fastest rebound from the recession among advanced G7 advanced countries.
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  1. Man you Libs have the Conservatives in a nice spot. You cry for stimulus dollars to continue, and in the same breath beat the crap out of us for deficits. Nice


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