Saturday, August 21, 2010

Resolving Arctic Problems

Yesterday, the government announced that Canada will work to create a clearly defined Arctic with borders. However, Harper said that Canadian sovereignty will not be compromised. Hopefully, this could mean that the government is willing to talk and collaborate with other countries. As the Globe and Mail notes,
This contrasts sharply with Canada’s traditional approach, which was to (a) stake a claim and then (b) refuse to talk about it.
If you are going to use that strategy, at least have some military in the region. A Foreign Affairs paper said that it will probably be a decade until Canada gets its first Arctic icebreaker.
The best way to assert sovereignty is to be in the place you claim as yours. But the Conservatives are also determined to balance the budget sooner rather than later. The Foreign Affairs policy paper acknowledged it will probably be a decade before Canada has its own polar icebreaker.
Read more at CBC or the Globe and Mail.

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