Wednesday, September 01, 2010

U.S expands sanctions on North Korea

U.S. as it promised said it would create tougher sanctions on North Korea. North Korea has still continued to try for nuclear weapons while everyone continues to try and stop them. Sanctions are the best way to stop North Korea from getting a nuclear weapon. The U.S and many other countries should continue to toughen it's sanctions until North Korea stops. All countries should continue to try to stop North Korea and any other nations from getting nuclear weapons, but they should practice what they preach and get ride of their own nuclear weapons.
The sanctions will hit eight North Korean "entities" and four individuals, targeting the trade in arms, luxury goods and narcotics.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced last month that US sanctions against North Korea would be expanded.
North Korea indicated last year that any attempt to blockade the country would be regarded as an "act of war".

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