Thursday, March 04, 2010

The 51st State

In December 2010, all passengers flying to or even over the United States without making any stops will be checked by the US Department of Homeland Security. Wait a moment. Is that right? We’re going to be checked by Uncle Sam?
QUEBEC — Starting in December, some passengers on Canadian airlines flying to, from or even over the United States without ever landing there, will only be allowed to board the aircraft once the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has determined they are not terrorists.
So it is right. Our neighbours to the south will be controlling which Canadians go on flights. But, when did we Canadians agree to this massive takeover?
Parliament never adopted or even discussed the Secure Flight program — even though Secure Flight transfers the authority of screening passengers, and their personal information, from domestic airlines to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
So, none of our representatives in Parliament got to vote on this crazy idea. We are our own country. We can police ourselves and decide what should be our security. Well, we should be able to decide. This “Secure Flight” plan should be purged from Canada, and then the world. The US cannot go around butting in other countries’ affairs. They are not entitled to mess around in other countries. This is a great time to see whether Stephen Harper will defend our national sovereignty or not. If he lets this continue, we will be on track to become the 51st state.


  1. You are of course right, they have no right to butt into the affairs of other countries.

    Unfortunately, they do have the right to control their own airspace, and the right to deny use of that airspace to commercial flights that have not done what they ask. No need for our government to have any kind of say.

    Now if we instituted an equivalent requirement for all flights crossing Canadian airspace (i.e. the US-Europe trans-polar route), see the kind of stink the Amercian politicos would raise!

  2. I suppose Canadian airlines could rearrange flights to avoid US airspace, or with the agreement of the government, call the US's bluff and dare them to shoot down Canadian airliners that veer into U.S. airspace, or simply refuse to allow US airliners to fly over Canadian airspace until the policy is withdrawn.

    But that would take guts and maybe even some of this new found patriotism we are apparently now famous for.

  3. I am sure Hilary Clinton wants to ensure that none of those 9/11 types come in from Canada. Moreover, no passengers will be allowed to bring on parachutes in case he or she bails out in mid-flight. Happy trails to you....SMcG

  4. As an American citizen & Canadian citizen I say - big brother go home! Canada should not allow the USA to take over security for Canadian originating flights. Offer help, money, assistance, training, etc yes, with the key word being offer.

  5. well wouldn't we want Kenya to meet our standards of security so we do not have another underwearbommer right even though Kenya may be it's own country we should have the right as do the U.S.A to give standards in order to come to our air space so i do think that the U.S.A wants to set standards in order to come to their air space we should allow them same as we want other countries to go to the same standards as us when they come here


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