Friday, March 19, 2010

Documents, Now!

Liberal MPs and Bloc MPs are calling on the speaker to rule that basically, the government must release the documents on on Afghan detainees. Good for the opposition. We are moving forward and hopefully past the Tory censors. We will find out the truth and nothing but the truth. But only if the speaker accepts the motion, will their be victory for us.
Liberal MP Derek Lee, NDP defence critic Jack Harris and Bloc Québécois MP Claude Bachand argued in the House on Thursday morning that the Conservatives' refusal to abide by a House order to hand over the documents flies in the face of parliamentary rights and traditions.
"If we don't stand up, efforts to undermine our constitution will have succeeded," Lee said.
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  1. If we have to rely on the Speaker, and he doesn't stand up for parliament, then what's next?

  2. If the Liberals want secret documents released why don't we start with unsealing that state secret of the Petro Canada buy out of Petro Fina that Trudeau had Maurice Strong do for him, hell he even paid strong a million dollar bonus for that one. And by the way Trudeau's mom became very rich selling her deceased husbands shares in Petro Fina for about six times more than they were worth, Pierre was happy about this too, being the heir to his moms estate.

    Pierre Trudeau, the CBC created Liberal hero, was a crook.

    How many other Liberals of that era, still living or not, made a killing on that scam?

  3. @Anonymous 10:15

    The Afghan docs must be pretty damning towards the Tories if you're having to bring up stuff that happened over 30 years ago to try to distract people.

  4. It's absolutely no distraction, more recently we have Chretien and Martins antics to pour over including the fact that it was the Liberals who sent Canadian troops to Afghanistan in the first place and when the Conservatives became the government they had to fix what was being neglected by the Liberals concerning the handling of captured Taliban terrorists.

    And they are terrorists, they have no rights under the Geneva Convention, but Liberals don't understand the difference between them and uniformed soldiers that that convention applies to.

  5. You Liberals would rather take a chance at endangering our troops than face the fact that it is your party that is responsible for what has happened in Afghanistan.

  6. @ anonymous 11:48
    1) The Geneva convention applies to any group that carries it arms openly and is led by someone responsible for their actions. Uniform or official sanction by a government are not required. (GCIII Art 4).

    2) Terrorists or not, they are still human beings. Last I checked we like to claim that we are better than they are. Which is why it's important that rights apply to everyone. If they don't then we are no better than terrorists ourselves.

    3) It is a distraction as the topic at hand is what the _current_Conservative_ government is doing. That would be the one that was elected on a platform of accountability and then promptly forgot what the meaning of the word is. Your argument is like that of a drug addict when faced with their problem, suddenly they blame everyone else and when that doesn't work they roll out the "well you do this..." all to avoid looking at their problem. The amount of attack and misdirection coming from Toryland is so high, what's in the documents must be damaging to the Conservative party indeed.

  7. @anonymous 1:02

    Letting the opposition see the document in camera, in committee will not endanger the troops. What the government is worried about is that people might find out that information about torture reached Tory ears and a Conservative government did nothing about it for over a year.

  8. It's great that Anonymous is more concerned with ancient political history than news that our current government contains war criminals hiding the evidence in contempt of parliamentary supremacy. He's a friend of democracy, obviously.


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