Saturday, March 06, 2010

Intentional Torture

A law professor from Ottawa says that the Government is censoring the Afghan detainee documents because the prisoners were intentionally tortured. This person says he has seen the uncensored version of the documents. However, this can’t be taken as truth. What needs to be done is the release of the documents in full so that all Canadians know the truth. If intentional torture is the truth, then something needs to be done about whoever is responsible. Further investigation and the release of documents is necessary.

If the allegation is true, such actions would constitute a war crime, said University of Ottawa law professor Amir Attaran, who has been digging deep into the issue and told CBC News he has seen uncensored versions of government documents released last year.

"If these documents were released [in full], what they will show is that Canada partnered deliberately with the torturers in Afghanistan for the interrogation of detainees," he said.

"There would be a question of rendition and a question of war crimes on the part of certain Canadian officials. That's what's in these documents, and that's why the government is covering up as hard as it can."

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  1. How can he have seen the docs when MP's haven't even seen them?

  2. Amir Attaran, now Canada research chair in law, population health, and global development policy at the University of Ottawa, was a research fellow at the Kennedy School during Mr. Ignatieff's time at the Carr.

    He ran afoul of an influential faculty member and the school's administration over a line of academic inquiry he insisted on pursuing, and found himself about to be booted out.

    He brought his troubles to Mr. Ignatieff, who gave him office space and mentoring support until he could find another academic home. "Michael stuck up for me against some extremely nasty attacks," Prof. Attaran says.


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