Friday, March 05, 2010

Pandora = Earth

The Sierra Club compares the tar sands to Pandora, the planet in the movie Avatar. It is all too true. We are destroying Earth with thoughts only to the profit we get out of it. There are better ways to reap profit which are environmentally friendly.


  1. The Sierra Club's website,, is a valuable source of information on the horrific environmental impact of the Tar Sands.

    Our leaders are failing us miserably by investing our tax dollars in the expansion of the Tar Sands rather than the development of renewable energy and alternative transportation such as rail and the electric car.

    How can we believe Ignatieff's commitment to clean air and water and renewable green energy when he persists in supporting Tar Sands expansion? He promises tough new environmental regulations, but development must be stopped until these regulations are in place.


  2. This is an aside. It isn't difficult to understand why the Harper Government wants to sell off the CBC to private broadcasters. This country will be in a sorry mess if CBC is sold. We will not ever get unbiased reports again. Please protest this attempt to let CBC go.


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