Thursday, March 25, 2010

Conservatives do not want contraception in health initiatives

Harper in the G8 said he would not like to talk about contraception or abortion. Harper stated how the opposition is playing petty politics, but the truth is the conservative government do not approve of helping people in the poor country's by providing contraception while I and 74% of Canadians believe that Harper should be providing contraception. I do think that in the G8 the 8 richest countries may have more important things to do like the economy, jobs and debt. I still think this should be something Harper should concern himself considering he does have health initiative. Now the most arguable thing in this debate is whether the initiative should include providing abortion. I believe strongly that if indeed people want an abortion they should have to pay for it, but if it endangers the mothers life it should be provided.


  1. This issue has already blown up in the Liberals face.

  2. I would like to point out that your personal views on abortion are reasonable. However, if you were to express on a different Liberal blog that exact opinion but then said you were a Conservative supporter you would be chastised or attacked for your ignorant stance and your disdain for not allowing a woman to control her body.

    I suspect that contraceptives will be a part of aid plans. The issue was a red herring.

    At least you are able to use the "A" word unlike a cowardly political leader.

  3. There IS no "more important thing" for the G8 to focus on, because the reproductive health of women has a DIRECT, large and measureable bearing on the economy, jobs and debt of developing countries. The Cons have NO intention of providing contraceptives to these countries because of their hard-right evangelical-based views, which can be clearly documented if you want to do the work - as some have done. They see contraceptives as "abortifacients" - i.e. preventing or interfering with a natural pregnancy - & thus, linkied to aborion, & thus unacceptable.
    Women in Canada and around the world are perfectly fine if Harper & his boys do not want to use contraceptives or have abortions. They shouldn't then. But they have absolutely NO right to export their particular religious Theocratic beliefs to other people or countries. And their doing so directly and negatively affects the GDP, GNP, GND, & all other factors of economic & social development. Of course, the boys can't see any connection - despite the fact that innumberable think tanks, World Bank, UN agencies, etc. have made it clear. No. They're excited about the return of Christ in the Apocalypse instead.

  4. Send in the rubber truck...

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