Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NDP introduce limit PM's to power

The NDP is proposing a motion that the Prime Mister can not prorogue Parliament longer than a week without the majority of the MP's consent. I am in total favor of this. i want to make sure that Harper can not just prorogue Parliament when ever he wants and expect that it is okay. This motion was proposed Wednesday and will be voted on today ( or has been voted on Thursday). The Liberals are going to propose a similar motion after. The huge problem is even if this motion passes it will not be binding on Harper to follow the bill. That is why I would just want Harper to admit that he has done wrong by proroguing Parliament so we can all move on and for him to approve the bill so he can not be able to do it again.
However, should opposition parties join forces to approve the motion, it's not binding on Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Harper has already signalled that he has no intention of constraining his power to suspend Parliament whenever he sees fit. 
Liberals have come up with their own set of proposals which they plan to introduce at some point and members of the Commons's procedure and House affairs committee have also agreed to study the issue.

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