Monday, March 01, 2010

MPs go to work but may go back

Parliament is going to return on Wednesday with a throne speech, and on Thursday Jim Flarety puts down a budget that will later be voted on. The moral question is now: should the Liberals try to take down the goverment because they have prorogued Parliament so long and are irresponsible? Or should they not try to bring down goverment and attempt to stop an election because parliment has been out so long that can we afford to lose more time on a election. Now, although many of you believe that we should take down Harper it would send a bad message saying that we do not support proroguing parliment and stop MPs from working for a month and then stop MPs working for a month to do an election. Although I beleieve an election is a better use of a month, and that why I believe that unless the budget is outragous than call an election, but if the budget is fair I think it would we should try to keep away speding another 300 million dollars to get another minority goverment that fall in 1 1/2 years. Now I want too want to get Harper out but I do not think thier is curently not enough support, and I think now that Harper is so tied with the Liberals he will play it nice. Which I think for now souds like in strange way a stable goverment, because Liberals and Conservatives don't want an election.

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  1. Really the only way that Mr. I will force an election is if he looks like he can win. Latest poll says that he is slipping into Dion territory again. He'll talk about what the Canadian people want but it really is about how long he wants to hang onto leadership of a party he'll never lead to government.


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