Friday, March 19, 2010

Americans > Canadians?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency didn’t allow Americans to eat food that was under investigation. However, these deli meats were good enough for Canadians. These meats were under investigation for the killer listeriosis. This happened last week. Why should Canadians be treated any differently than Americans? Our agency should be working for us, not the Americans. The meat should have been discontinued in both countries. Safety for everyone comes first, not just Americans.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency cut off access to American markets for the Toronto plant at the centre of an ongoing listeriosis investigation connected to tainted deli meats while allowing the company to continue to produce food for Canadians, Canwest News Service has learned.

The Siena Foods Ltd., facility was quietly delisted as an eligible certified plant to export meat to the United States this week in response to recalls in Canada last week of four different deli meats for possible listeria contamination.


  1. Almost like Asbestos being dangerous in Canada but safe enough to export?

  2. ridenrain right Canada export asbestos to India and says it is safe when we here can not use it because it is dangerous for your health i think the government should not throw stones when they have a glass house i do think the U.S should change it but I think Canada should lead by example


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