Wednesday, March 24, 2010

U.S health care is not baby killing

If you can remember when the health care debate in the U.S., it started in the summer. You remember all those people who screamed at the congressman or woman's "baby killer." I would like to say that Nancy Pelosi, Obama have stated again and again that the health care bill will not give money for abortion. I think that in the health care bill people who can die if they try to keep the baby should have a free abortion because they may die, but under no circumstances should someone who will not die from abortion should have to pay from their pockets and not the tax payers pockets.


  1. I suspect that the US supreme court will decide in the end whether abortions are taxpayer funded or not. It won't take long for someone to challenge this.

  2. If u agree with federal funds not going to abortion, why are u not lobbying Ignatieff to make that a central plank in the next Liberal election platform.

    Currently a girl in Canada who is 8 months pregnant can have that baby chopped up and sucked out using your taxpaying dollars.

    Gotta love Canada, eh?

  3. Anon @ 8:59 is right on.

    Canada has no abortion laws at all. We are the only democracy that doesn't. I suspect an overwhelming number of Canadians including the left are uncomfortable with this position. Yet, some Liberal politicians want to poke around saying that that is not enough.

  4. Empirical proof anonymous 8:59 or it's just scare tactics. Anon 9:11 because it corresponds with your opinion hardly makes it "right on"


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