Monday, March 29, 2010

Censure the Tories!

On the issue of government censorship of the Afghan detainee documents, the opposition MPs are being urged to censure the Tories.That is a sharp rebuke of the person's actions. This happens rarely, but can lead to devastating consequences for the person reprimanded. In the 19th century, Louis Riel was ultimately expelled from Parliament over his participation in a revolt. It's very real but unlikely that it would happen today. However, it still has a symbolic meaning.
Mendes, one of the country’s top constitutional scholars, said Parliament’s power exceeds that of the various national security laws that have been used to censor government memos and diplomatic cables describing who was warned about possible war crimes violations going back to early 2006, when Canadian soldiers moved to Kandahar province.
That means translates into the opposition being able to demand documents form the government and that they have to release the documents. Of course if Harper's ministers don't release uncensored the uncensored docs., full steam ahead! We will not back down on this issue. We must press on until we win one way or another. Censuring MPs only takes a simple majority; which the opposition has. This scandal will not die until the information is released.

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