Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just move on

As my blogger friend has stated again another Tory tantrum. I said it twice and I will say it a third time "although many may want her too resign i think that since she (now he) has apologize and if she (he) shows that this is clearly not herself (himself) usually we should not just decide upon one moment if she (he) should resign ". I think that if clearly this person shows he is truly not like this and apologizes to who he may have offended then we should accept it and "move on". I am a little tired but not surprised that the opposition party's take advantage of this situation. My question will saying how the minister has to resign help the economy lower, the unemployment, lower the deficit or solve global warming. absolutely not. So I say let us move on, and make the Parliament start talking about the real issue. I do believe we should talk about this, but maybe not now considering the minster has apologized we and the government should move on to the real problems, and we should not take time off of question period just to attack a government.I still believe we could talk about it if he did not apologize ,  but since he did i think we should move on .

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