Sunday, March 14, 2010

Articulating our Routes

By June three routes will have exclusively articulated buses runnig on them:

  • 535 Cote-des-neiges/Park avenue reserved lane
  • 121 Cote Vertu/Sauve
  • 467 Express St. Michel

Articulated buses hold more people without having to crowd each line. These buses could improve the use of public transit as the more people a bus can hold, the more people will go. Anyway, I’m for anything that involves having more people taking public transit. However, there should still be a tram instated on the 535 route. Tram= more capacity (more than an articulated bus), attracts more people (including tourists), pollutes less, faster. The tram’s revival in Montreal should take place on this line.

People peek inside the STM's first articulated bus behind Montreal city hall last summer. A total of 2020 of the low-floor buses will be purchased.

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  1. BigPurpleDinosaur14 March 2010 at 18:20

    The wheels on the tram go round and round!


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