Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slow High Speed Rail

A nice article by Fraser Harland showing the benefits of HSR. He also brings to light some facts that even I didn't know before such as that Canada is the only G8 country without HSR. This fact means that all other superpowers in the G8 want to include high speed rail for their future because they know it supports the economy and is environmentally friendly. Canada is the only country yet to devote itself to a network. Even a group in Alberta is promising to run the trains, so long as the government constructs and leases out the tracks. It's now up to the government to decide if we want to be left behind or not.

There is even a group called Alberta High-Speed Rail that has said it would own and operate the trains, if the provincial government would build and lease the tracks. Its President and CEO Bill Cruickshanks argues that, “If you want to start an airline or a bus company, you don’t have to build an airport or a highway. We take the attitude that if government is going to build infrastructure for on industry it should do so for the other.”

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