Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tax-a-palooza (not!)

That's what Industry Minister Tony Clement called the Liberal Party's new policy on corporate tax cuts. The Conservatives are calling ending tax cuts to multinationals and humongous corporations a tax hike. That makes no sense whatsoever. At the Canada 150 conference, the audience heard about the challenges of the ever-rising costs of services. If corporate tax cuts continue, then taxes will have to be hiked to keep the quality of social services at the same level. However, by stopping tax cuts for big companies, we can make sure that Canadians pay less on their tax bill. Cut income tax, shift to companies. Also, by making companies pay a carbon tax, Canadians would have their taxes cut. "Cut income tax, shift to pollution," in the words of Stéphane Dion.
Then he accused the Liberals of wanting to raise taxes on “everything,” including the GST (which is not correct) and payroll taxes (which is also not correct).
“And now they come out and want to raise taxes on job creators, raise taxes on investment. That will not help job creation,” Mr. Baird said.
Mr. Ignatieff shot back that “only a Conservative would call pushing the pause button on corporate tax breaks a tax hike.”



  1. I thought tax-a-palooza was what Flaherty did late last week imposing GST costs on a host of financial services that had not been taxed before.

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