Saturday, March 27, 2010

Worried Troops

Now about the contents of the documents. They show that our soldiers in Afghanistan were worried about the treatment of detainees. In fact, one soldier reports that the Afghan police/army took a detainee and for all of our and his knowledge, killed him. However, there was very little follow up on any of these observations. Therefore, the comments were deemed unfounded. While our own troops were worried about the treatment of prisoners, the opposition MPs were too. By just inquiring about the detainees, they were submitted to an onslaught of accusations that they were attacking our soldiers. But, our soldiers were also worried and inquiring about the treatment of prisoners. So according to the Conservatives, the soldiers were attacking themselves. Again, great arguments from the great Tories.
All of the incidents are deemed unfounded by military investigators, but the documents also show a disturbing trend of front-line soldiers and senior military officials keeping their own police investigators in the dark and even threatening them at a time when sensitivity to how Canadians treat and handle their Afghan detainees was at its highest.
Read about it at The Toronto Star


  1. And in other news that the MSM tries to bury well off of the front page;

    With two months left to report for the 2009-10 fiscal year, the federal government has a budget deficit of $39.6 billion, whereas Finance forecast a $53.8-billion shortfall for the entire fiscal year. Should the momentum continue, it is possible the federal deficit for this fiscal year could be quite a bit smaller than projected.

  2. There's the spectre of war crimes hanging over the Canadian Armed Forces, and Canadians have tuned out. If war crimes were committed, perhaps the crimes happened in the safety and comfort of the CEFCOM bunker in Ottawa... but who knows?


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