Thursday, March 25, 2010


According to the Fraser Institute, the 50 billion giant (Canada’s economic Action Plan) did nothing to help the economy in 2009. Well, that actually was a surprise for me. I even thought that the Tories’ plan was going to help somehow. Apparently not.
OTTAWA — Despite Ottawa's numerous claims to the contrary, its $47.2-billion Economic Action Plan contributed little to the country's economic turnaround in 2009 and will do more harm than good in 2010, according to the Fraser Institute.
Looks like it will also harm the economy this year. But that’s not what I’m mad about. When Flaherty hears about this report, he calls it “shabby” and “poorly done and wrong.” I think that there are people, Canadians who worked on that project. As everyone should, they probably worked very hard on it. After working very diligently on it, The Big One dismisses it as “shabby.” I wouldn’t feel so good. It’s not right to attack the character of something. It’s a necessity to actually read over the report and criticize whatever is inside it.


  1. Take whatever the Fraser Institute writes with a grain of salt. They do advocate that old take no prisoners, steamroll over your grandma Libertarianism crap.

    Not saying Flaherty isn't a horrible bean counter; he is, but also be wary of Fraser institute.

  2. The Financial Post had a good writeup about it.


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