Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tory Tantrum #2

Sounds familiar? This time it was Veteran Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn. He tried to carry a bottle of tequila onto a plane at Ottawa’s airport on February. Most of us probably know that we are not allowed any liquid or gels in carry-ons. And this was alcoholic. He proceeded to demand that the security guards destroy the bottle; as if he thought that somebody else was going to drink it. He and the guards started arguing and at a point, security almost called the police. Why do these Conservatives think they are above the law? They say they are tough on crime, but the Tories expect preferential treatment over others. There is no need for Harper’s cronies to get special treatment over the rest of Canadians who willingly abide by the law. Maybe I should open a whole new label for Tory Tantrums...
According to CTV, Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn had a bit of a temper tantrum when airport security would not let him carry a bottle of the Mexican fire-water onto the plane at the Ottawa airport in February.
When security guards told him he could not carry the bottle on to the flight, CTV reports, he demanded they empty its contents in his presence. The network says the argument became so heated that security almost called the police.

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  1. It seems that almost every day I get evidence to support the fact that Tories firmly believe what one neo-con I used to debate on Fidonet had as his sign-off:

    "Rules are for other people."

    How the cognitive dissonance of holding a view that we need strong "law and order" laws but feeling that they are above those laws doesn't make their brains explode.


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