Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Integrating the Winter Olympics and Paralympics so that they take place at the same time could be tricky. But it’s worth it. With events happening at the same time, Canadians and the world’s population would be aware of Paralympics happening. We could and should be as excited as we are for the Olympics. I guess we don’t because the initial excitement has worn off after the Olympics. Integration would make sure that TV stations would show more events and therefore, Canadians would watch more events. For our athletes, it means more support and a better feeling. So let’s all get behind our athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics and cheer them on!
Robert Steadward thinks it's time to start seriously discussing integrating the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.
The founder of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) said as much in Vancouver recently and reinforced that view in a telephone interview on Saturday.
"I'm sure we'll see in the future that more world championships will incorporate both of them (able-bodied and disabled athletes) together concurrently," Steadward said. "I think you'll see, as well, more regional games that will include both disabled and able-bodied athletes.

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