Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why do we need oil?

Quebec is trying to get a okay from the federal government to be able to explore for oil and natural gas. I do not think we should take this oil, because do we really need it. I think that we get enough energy from hydro electricity. I believe that we should show as a example that this oil is not touched and yet we can still use other sources of energy that are renewable.


  1. If you explain that logic to the Quebecois you'll have a unity crisis in short order.

    Our electricity supply is only secure by occasionally importing it from the US.That electricity is generated by coal.

    We need more electricity and oil.Our population continues to grow (largely through immigration). I know you don't want to hear it but those are the facts.

  2. Oil and gas exploration is rarely determined by "need" so much as by opportunity. Oil and gas are judged by their market value. The weaker the economy, the greater the deficit, the more irresistable fossil fuel revenue becomes to pols desperate for "quick fix" solutions.


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