Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Get out of my Face

The Liberal Party of Canada has called on the minister who threw a tantrum in an airport to resign. That is exactly what I said on February 25th, almost two weeks ago. I’m happy with this decision, but what took them so long? This was an obvious show of disrespect to fellow Canadians just doing their job. This is not the kind of person we want to be the face of Canada. If I wanted to be rude, I would tell her to get out of my face, but I just want her to resign.

The Liberal party is calling for the resignation of Conservative MP Helena Guergis as minister of state for the status of women after she threw a tantrum last week at the Charlottetown Airport.

"Her behaviour is certainly unconscionable. It's not what one expects from a leader," said Anita Neville, Liberal critic for the Status of Women.

"I don't think she warrants a cabinet position with this kind of behaviour."

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/prince-edward-island/story/2010/02/26/guergis-liberals.html?ref=rss&loomia_si=t0:a16:g4:r2:c0:b0#ixzz0hit7CVel


  1. They called for her resignation maybe a few days after the tantrum. I remember Anita Neville on CBC saying it. I think you're just behind in the news.

  2. Her behaviour is certainly inappropriate irrespective that she is a cabinet minister. The airport security staff were simply doing their jobs. It is appalling that the Minister expected special treatment simply because she is a Minister.

    It is our tax dollars that are paying her salary and if the Tories keep up this uppity attitude, they will be voted out of a job.

  3. Well, the story you're referencing is dated 2/26/2010. I even remember reading either that story or another along the same lines.

    So it didn't really take all that long for them to call for her resignation, did it?

  4. The Libs called for her to resign the day after it went public, issued a press release.

  5. Sorry, I guess I just wasn't paying attention. Congratulations to the Liberal Party on their swift response. I apologize for the comments a made earlier.

  6. the minister is a baby

  7. I have stated before and i will state it again "i think she may have had a bad day ( not that that is a good excuse) and although many may want her too resign i think that since she has apologize and if she shows that this is clearly not herself usually we should not just decide upon one moment if she should resign"


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