Saturday, March 20, 2010

NDP try to raise taxes on music

The NDP want to make a new levy (special tax) on Ipod. This money will go to Canadian artist. The same way blank CD's taxes go to artist so the artist can recover some money by the amount they lose for the mixes. I like the idea of taxing blank CD because some of those will be used for blank CD and even if they don't it is a way to give Canadian artist the money they desrve. But i think it is wrong to tax the item that consurmers will be using to buy the artist music, so i think that would go against where this tax will be going.
The money would theoretically go into a fund for Canadian music artists the same way as the current 29-cent levy on blank CDs and cassettes. So far, it has the full support of only the Bloc Quebecois, not enough to pass the House of Commons. The Liberals, and at least one Conservative, agreed to continue discussion of the issue in committee.

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  1. Personally, I find the levy offensive. Musicians don`t need a special fund.

    BTW, musicians don`t see a lot from the levy...the recording companies do.


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