Saturday, September 18, 2010

American Politics in Canada?

When John Baird said that the Toronto Elites were to blame in keeping the registry, he was using American-style politics in Canada. For example, some of the far right in the United States say it's time for real Americans to kick the communist alien Democrats out of office. The thing is, divisive American politics don't work in Canada. The rules are different. That's why, on September 22, the gun registry is going to be here to stay and protect Canadians for ever on.
Of course, the categorization wasn’t true. Not only does support for gun control exist beyond the boundaries of Toronto, but members of Canada’s elite — including Baird — oppose the registry.
However, his comments weren’t meant to be factually accurate. Rather, they were designed to tap into U.S.-style resentments.
And here, I think Baird blew it.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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