Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reinstate the Long-Form Census

Yesterday, the Liberal Party put forward a motion to reinstate the mandatory long-form census. The idea to remove the mandatory long-form census was stupid and the voluntary long-form takes away all credibility to the statistics. That's why the head of Statistics Canada resigned. He wasn't able to stand by this decision which would basically be saying that he supported the it. The long-form census needs to be reinstated so informed decisions can be made unlike the decision to remove the mandatory long-form. But then again, the Tories really don't care for facts.
In an effort to bring ‘sense back to the census,’ the Liberal Party of Canada presented a motion today in the House of Commons to reinstate the mandatory long-form census.
The motion – to be debated next week – also calls on the government to amend the Statistics Act in order to remove the threat of jail time for people who do not fill out the long-form census.
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