Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another NDP Vote

Another NDP MP has decided to vote for the long gun registry! Another MP decides to vote for the safety of Canadians and saving lives. If my math is correct, we only need one more NDP vote to make sure the gun registry stays. This news comes as the Conservatives release another one of their famous attack ad campaigns. In the ads is said that the NDP MPs should vote with their constituents on this issue. The newest MP to change his vote responds accordingly.
“The majority (of people in his riding) … have said ‘we think at this point we should keep it and we want you to go work on it,’” Allen told the Star.
Besides, how about those Conservative MPs representing urban ridings in Ontario and Quebec? Are they voting with the views of the people in their riding? I didn't think so. Unfortunately for the NDP and rural Liberal MPs, the Tories are pretty good at making propaganda-filled attack ads with nonsense as its main subject. On the other hand, most of the country sees right through the right-wing spin and propaganda. In any case, the long gun registry should stay for good as it is an effective way of saving lives.
The embattled long-gun registry received support on Monday from another New Democrat MP.
Malcolm Allen, who represents the Ontario riding of Welland, said Monday he will join three other NDP colleagues in switching their votes when Tory backbencher Candice Hoeppner's private member's bill to repeal the registry comes to a vote in Parliament.
Read more at CBC.

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