Saturday, September 11, 2010

We can keep the registry

Now a 3rd MP in the NDP has said that they will switch there vote to keep the registry. The rest of the NDP can push themselves to save lives by voting to keep the gun registry. The conservatives are whipping the vote for the bill, and the Bloc and Liberals are whipping agsinst the bill. While the NDP will be having a free vote that allows the party MP to vote freely. the The Liberals predict that 149 will vote to save the registry while 152 will vote to get ride of the registry. That leaves 7 NDP votes undicided. No less than 6 people need to vote agaisnt the bill to save the registry. Some say unless the NDP whip the vote agaisnt the bill the registry will die. I think if Jack Layton keeps pushing, and if Micheal Ignatieff continues the pressure we can keep the registry without whipping the NDP vote. It is crucial that we keep the registry to save lives.

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  1. The Conservatives are not whipping their members. In fact they have a free vote, just like the NDP. The difference is that the Conservatives will vote against the gun registry since that is what they campaigned about during the last election.
    While counting your numbers, factor in the Liberals who don't turn up to vote for various reasons.

  2. It is crucial that we keep the registry to save lives.

    And jsut HOW does it do that?

  3. Sure Tom, and all those duck hunters and farmers in the urban ridings Conservatives represent must be the grassroots.



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