Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A law of descrmination in France.

A law was passed by the french senate that has before passed the lower house and now the bill is going to the president Nicola Sarkozy. This law would make it illegal for any women to wear a full body Burqua. This law is nothing less than descrimination. This law would make it illegal for women of the muslim faith to wear religouse clothing in public. That means Muslim women by law will be forced to be told what they can't wear. This is a right of anyone to wear whatever they want. People will be fined almost $200 to wear what they are rightfully aloud to wear. This is a horrific law and should be overturned.

Ironically, instead of helping some women integrate, the measure may keep them cloistered in their homes to avoid exposing their faces in public.
The measure affects fewer than 2,000 women, but Muslims believe it is one more blow to France's second religion, and risks raising the level of Islamophobia in a country where mosques, like synagogues, are sporadic targets of hate. Some women have vowed to wear a full-face veil despite the law.

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  1. Technically, it's oppression, not discrimination. I guess France thinks they're still in the 1600s and that it's their job to enlighten "primitive" cultures for their own good.


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