Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Conservative Scare Tactics

Yesterday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty started talking about a supposed opposition "coalition" to an audience expecting non-partisanship. Moreover, he urged the opposition parties to "rise above petty politics." I think I smell hypocrisy here. On the coalition issue, this is just a Tory scare tactic to make Canadians afraid of the Liberal Party. It has absolutely no truth to it whatsoever. The minister should stick to talking about the economy, and stop attacking opposition parties. That's for their attack ads to do.
"The Ignatieff-NDP-Bloc Quebecois tax hikes would not only jeopardize our recovery from the global recession. The coalition's policies would also squander our Canadian advantage, and limit our long-term prospects. They would set us on the same downward spiral other countries are now trying desperately to escape."
Flaherty's speech was delivered at a hotel just steps from Parliament Hill. Many of those in attendance were from the business community, although there were some Conservatives, including Guy Giorno, who is Harper's chief of staff.
Read more at the Ottawa Citizen.
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  1. The facts and figures are from Mintz.

    Regarding the fear mongering tactics do you remember the apology from Liberals regarding the body bags flyer?

    Do you remember the apology for the flyer regarding our flag being an embarrassment?

    Do you remember Bob Rae citing the death of the 13 year old blaming the CPC at the height of H1N1?

    In the last few days how many womens groups did Mark Holland invoke and state the LGR save lives without providing any proof?


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