Thursday, September 02, 2010

A joint a day keeps the doctor away?

Bye bye apple, hello pot is what you can say about neurotic pain. A new study shows that herbal cannabis helps with neurotic pain. The study gave people with the neurotic pain either a placebo with 0% THC (most common chemical in Marijuana), 2.5% THC, 6% THC or 9.4% THC. It showed a significant reduction in neurotic pain for people taking 9.4% THC against the people who took 0% THC. Now there were some side effects, some of which included headache, dry eyes, burning sensation in areas of neuropathic pain, dizziness, numbness, cough. Some even said that it helped with sleep. I think that the U.S should at the very least legalize medical Marijuana. Which by the way 80% of Americans agree with. Currently though Obama is against legalizing even medical Marijuana.
Smoking marijuana does help relieve a certain amount of pain, a small but well-designed Canadian study has found
"We found that 25 mg herbal cannabis with 9.4 per cent THC, administered as a single smoked inhalation three times daily for five days, significantly reduces average pain intensity compared with a zero per cent THC cannabis placebo in adult subjects with chronic post traumatic/post surgical neuropathic pain," the study's authors concluded in Monday's online issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
The participants also reported improvements in measures of sleep quality, the researchers said


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  2. I think Tylenol does the same thing.

    I'm not an anti-pot campaigner by any stretch of the imagination, and have in my time smoked the odd spliff, but the whole medicinal marijuana thing is a (pun intended) smoke screen.


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