Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quebec Arena: Harper Loses

No matter what his decision is on funding a Quebec City arena for a rebirth of the Quebec Nordiques, Harper will lose. If he funds the hockey arena, he will be accused of using this funding as a fake campaign for his party. He would also be prompted to fund many other pro sports lieus across the country. But, Harper is looking only to gain votes in Quebec. However, if he refuses the other cities' proposals, he risks being seen as buying votes in Quebec. But, if he doesn't fund the project, he will lose a lot of votes in Quebec and would be hard for him on his goal of getting a majority. Pork-barrel politics has put the Harper government in another dilemma from which they will lose either way.
The notion of federal funding for a state-of-the-art hockey arena in Quebec City is a textbook case of desperate politics and bad policy. By flirting aggressively with the idea of forking out tens of millions of public dollars to finance the project, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have manoeuvred themselves into a lose-lose position.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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