Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Support the troops by saving the enviroment

A Navy planner said that in the future military personal are being called to the front lines of the worlds climate disaster. Now this has happened before like in the red river flood of 1997, the big snow storm in Quebec. These are some stories of times when some weather attacks had to use the military, but for the future with more unpredictable weather and increase in chance of strong storms coming the military could be called in more frequently. In the north of the country areas that where ice has turned to new trade routes where Harper wants to increase are presence in. Harper someone who I would think wants to support the troops actually wants to screw the environment to create a more dangerous climate for our troops to deal with in the future, and wants to keep record heating records in places like Afghanistan again harming are troops. So is Harper Really supporting the troops by doing this to them? We should vote Harper out just to show how much we really support the troops.

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