Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's wrong with Fox news?

Now I know many people might say that Fox is a biased right wing news chanel, and don't want it anywhere near Canada, but aren't all news networks biased just even a little? Now, I have seen Fox news and a can agree that it is very biased, but it is the same thing like the Ann Coulter debate when she could not speak because of protestors. If some people at the Ottawa university wanted to hear her than why not? The same with Fox if there is demand then why not? I mean if you want to avoid all bias news than don't watch any news, because there is bound to be one biased correspondent. You could also campare this with the pro life ad at cbs during the Superbowl. Where pro choice groups said they want the ad taken off, but again you can have pro choice ads too. It is a two way street we have Right wing speakers and left wing speakers, Pro life ads and pro choice ads. Why not right wing news? I don't get why some people only want to here left speakers and ads, but when it comes to having pro life ads and right wing speakers there is a double standard.


  1. Yes, every news reporting outlet has a bias.

    FOX, however, is not a news organization and lies.

  2. You should do more research. I suggest viewing "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War".

    Fox is not right-wing, it is extremist.

    Fox is not news, it is opinion posing as news, designed to create ignorance.

    Fox is not fair and balanced, and yet they say they are fair and balanced...over and over and over.

    Fox has taught us that lies become accepted as truth if repeated often enough.

    The unfortunate culture war that the U.S. is experiencing now wouldn't have happened without Fox News fanning the flames.

    Is that really what you want?

  3. I want fairness in media. If what you want is to only have left wing news channels then that would be unfair to the right. Think of it the other way let's say CBC was able to move to the U.S, but right wing groups would say that CBC is too left would that be fair. NOOOO! So why is it any different the other way around.

  4. Yeah the right are so stifled in Canada.

    National Post, Sun chain, Astral radio, Corus God it's almost like North Korea!!!

  5. Rather odd that we have rather neutral news that gets labeled as "leftist"... the only reason I can see is so that whackos and the sycophants can have their propaganda channel.
    This debate is like giving equal time and merit to flat-earthers...

  6. Cherniak so We can't have people who believe in something that you think is wrong. No there should be no discrimination on who is aloud. Fox is defiantly biased towards the right, but since I can't find a completely neutral news source than why not be fair and allow all news channels as long as they have the viewership. This is of course within legal limits.

  7. Well we finally agree on something! Yes, we live in a democracy and like them or not, watch them or not, fox news has a right to exist! and i have the right to not watch them!


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