Friday, September 10, 2010

The Quebec Tea Party?

A new group has been formed in Quebec called the Réseau Liberté Québec. It is a right-wing group devoted to a right-wing movement in Quebec. This is a good idea in essence, to make the debate in Quebec between right-wing and left-wing parties, not federalist and sovereigntist parties. But, this just seems like another right-wing propaganda group meant to brainwash the population into supporting right-wing parties. Unsurprisingly, this is backed by Kory Teneyke, one of the key members of the new Sun TV News, the Fox News North. I've already seen Fox News and it is totally horrible! In conclusion, these right-wing organisations can often be found to be spreading propaganda. On that note sign the petition to stop Sun TV here.
For now they’re just a small band of libertarians seeking to replace the sovereigntist-versus-federalist divide in Quebec with a new brand of political confrontation between the right and the left.
They call themselves Réseau Liberté Québec, or the Quebec Freedom Network, and could be considered Quebec’s version of the right-wing populist Tea Party in the United States.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. The six of us are funding this with our own money and with donations. We have had no donations from any company up to this point. It is a completely grassroots group. We have good coverage in all of the Fench and English press.
    Even you seem to agree that the yes/no debate has not been useful in Quebec for a long time.
    Ypu condemn SunTv News before it's even on the air. Why is the left so afraid? Is it because they are afraid of debate and opposing view? I think so.
    There are a lot of us who do not agree with the left wing cbc, yet our taxes are used to fund it. hy should the left have state funding to promote their ideas?


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