Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parliment wants the census

A vote was placed in the house of commons if they want to save the mandatory long form census. The vote was clear 152 votes to keep the census and 141 voted against the mandatory census. Now this vote isn't binding meaning to take a reference from "Gone with the Wind" Harper doesn't need to give a damn. Harper should see that the majority of Canadian want to keep the census, almost every business group, many religious groups and Language groups and Ontario and Quebec governments.With all this I don't know why they say they should fix something that everyone is saying it works and have no real problem with it. Census must stay and Harper must leave.

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  1. This "census\crisis-slash-152votes" is not about the census. It's about the Phantom Party Coalition of Canada.

    Harper is flying his hate-this-balloon over the opposition parties to get the three parties to vote together. His goal is to 'prove' to us that there really is a Coalition and us Dumbskis Canadians now have to vote for a Harper majority.

    This is called fake-believe-politics: fake it and Canadians can be fooled into believing the fake.


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